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Comentários no HuffPost

O comentário do presidente Lula no encontro com Gordon Brown, responsabilizando "blue-eyed bankers" pelo colpaso da economia global, deu o que falar lá na gringa. É bem interessante observar o debate que surgiu no HuffingtonPost (veja aqui)! É muito bom ver um debate sem aquele viés inevitável que sempre se toma aqui de jogo de futebol (PT x PSDB), que contamina qualquer tentativa de debate político saudável. Lá, sem as paixões partidárias que deturpam o diálogo, o debate gira em torno da substância do que Lula falou.

Alguns comentários do leitor posto aqui:

- o mais engraçado:

As a pale faced, blue-eyed person, I can heartily agree with this. I love the 'things white people like' blog... but if there's one thing we REALLY love, it's destroying the global economy. Unfortunately, holding a mid-range IT job hasn't given me much opportunity to fulfill my personal dreams of forcing at least 50% of the world population living on cat food (whiskas, not fancy feast!) and scraps from dumpsters... at least not direct opportunity. Fortunately, I was able to vote Republican repeatedly, helping bring Bush in office, which has resulted in more wealth destroyed than was created in entire history of civilization before him! 

Now excuse me while I go for a delightful walk outside. Maybe I can tell a homeless person "GET A JOB" or an immigrant "GO BACK TO MEXICO". Yes, there are few things more fun than being white.

- um a favor da frase do presidente:

Tell me how it is untrue historically. Maybe, he was just trying to shame. There is so much bad going on in the world. Why didn't we go to Sudan instead of Iraq? Why didn't we go to Rwanda instead of Yugoslavia? Do you know anything about what is going on in the Congo right now and why?

- um contra:

Highly generalized, unfitting and absurd accusation. I'm hoping this is something that was lost in translation.

- e um tão positivo, que dificilmente leríamos na imprensa nativa (ficou branco, mas dá pra ler passando com o mouse por cima... incompetência minha):

Lula's letting his rhetoric get ahead of him here, but this is a man who has always been a harsh critic of the sort of neoliberal economic platforms that are at the root of the global financial crisis. When he was elected president, the pundits were panicked that he would run the Brazilian economy, yet Brazil has eliminated its debt and has seen its GDP grow at the same rate as China's. If I'm the same room as all the G-20 leaders, Lula's the guy I'm most interested in hearing from.

    Reply   Posted 08:50 PM on 03/26/2009

No wonder ford motors opened their latest assembly plant there.

    Reply   Posted 09:09 PM on 03/26/2009

doesn't the majority of Brazil's automotive industry run on renewable fuel?

    Reply   Posted 08:57 PM on 03/26/2009

.....and has since the eighties

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